The properties of our copaltec casting compounds can be specifically adjusted for your application. The following description provides an overview of the core properties that we can influence chemically and individually for each customer and application.




The viscosity describes the flowability of a casting compound. The higher the filler level, the higher the viscosity. Copaltec is able to realize very high filler contents while maintaining a realtively low viscosity. The viscosity is measured in mPa * s.

Pot life

The pot life indicates the processing time and basic reactivity of a casting compound. It is measured in minutes and can be set individually by copaltec.

Glass transition temperature

The glass transition temperature Tg describes the temperature at which the polymer chains change from a “frozen” state into a flexible one.

Shore hardness

The hardness of a casting compound is described by the Shore scale. A distinction is made between Shore A for soft materials and Shore D for hard materials.

Thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of a potting compound determines how effectively the heat can be dissipated from a heat source. The thermal conductivity is indicated in W / m * K.

Operating temperature range

The operating temperature range indicates the temperature range in which the casting compounds can be used without a significant change in the mechanical properties.