Copaltec_PUre CMR freedom

PUre  CMR-free 

We want to help drive tomorrow's developments through innovative new developments. True to our motto “PUre Passion”, we have put our heart and soul into developing this new product range in order to meet the steadily increasing and more complex requirements of our customers.

The safety of our customers and our own employees is of the utmost importance to us. This is why we now have our highly thermally conductive potting systems as a "CMR-free" version. Only materials that are not suspected of being carcinogenic are used. This new product family immediately stands out due to its three-digit name, which clearly sets it apart from our other products. Of course, the excellent thermal conductivity and processing properties are retained.
Moreover, we developed new silicone-free products for the potting of highly sensitive electrical assemblies. Due to their extremely low glass transition, they retain their flexibility over a wide temperature range and can easily compensate different expansion coefficients of different assemblies. Of course, these products were also developed free from any questionable substances.
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